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We Are Tripian

Welcome! Tripian is a digital trip planning platform created by and for those who travel off-the-beaten-path. We strongly believe that travelers can only know a city and its culture by seeing the streets, the people, where they eat, shop and the way they communicate. With this in mind, we have connected with local chefs, artists, musicians, architects, sommeliers and designers to share their version of The Perfect Day with you.

With Tripian, it’s easier than ever to plan your perfect trip to a foreign city. Whether that means tasting a life-changing French onion soup in Paris, or exploring a unique art gallery in Toronto, each Tripian city features many different itinerary suggestions and hundreds of locations, all hand-picked for you.

And with our interactive mapping tool you can create customizable and offline-accessible day trips on our website and on your smartphone. No more bulky, outdated guidebooks, unreliable reviews, or paper maps—the experts at Tripian have done the research for you.


Our Mission


Tripian was created with one goal: To ensure that no matter where your travels take you, you feel like a local.

While technology has made some aspects of traveling easier than ever—booking a flight, finding accommodations, reading reviews—deciding where and how to spend your time during your visit is still cumbersome and time-consuming. Sifting through review sites can leave you drained. While tackling a foreign city on your own is no walk in the park either.

Back before tourism became the massive industry it is today, local guides were your gateway to a city’s hidden treasures. With Tripian, we’re bringing back that relationship between local and visitor—to make sure that you not only save time planning your trip, but that once you’re there, you know you’ll be experiencing the best of the city.

Join Tripian today and take travel back from tourists! 

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