The Future of Travel

Our Recommendation Engine delivers hyper-personalized recommendations, based on existing metrics, customer's travel profile and bevahior.



700+ Cities / 1.9 Million POIs

From top attractions to trendy restaurants, hidden local gems to cool finds, we mine and analyze data from tens of reputable travel resources and deliver the best results.



Flexible Components

Supported by AI and sophistocated tag scoring algorithms, our technology is fully customizable and can be easily integrated to web or mobile applications.

Why Tripian?


Our API does not only feature powerful queries, but also real-time mechanisms that keep query results up-to-date while the underlying database is under constant change.

user analysis

Our user analysis will help you understand the travel behavior of your customers in order to increase engagement and take part in their future decisions.

custom framework

Our framework, such as recommendation engine metrics and intereactive map solutions can be fully customized depending on your business needs and customer profile.

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